Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzardy (an assortment of updates) Updates on Adoption

Hello everyone! We thought it was about time to give an update!

First things first, we have moved up to number 23 on the waiting list! (We started at number 31 in October of 2012!) Being that we get asked frequently, we would like to share that God has so graciously provided just over $16,000 for our adoption! That's INCREDIBLE! That means we have about $13,000.00 left to raise. Our total cost for the adoption is estimated just under $29,000! We are also in the process of completing (by completing, we mean we just have to send it in) a grant through ShowHope! We are hoping that God will provide for our adoption through a grant!

The CD that we mentioned a while back should be finalized very soon! We are hoping God will use it to encourage you and help us all lean on him in times of great sorrow and great rejoicing. 

Josh and I won a free photo shoot (thanks to many of you liking a photo on facebook) through Lou Lou's Photography! ( Over half of the pictures we took were "Expecting Adoptive Parents" pictures (Like maternity pictures, except for adoption!) It was REALLY fun, it was quite chilly and we had a good time! Below are some of the sneak peeks! Sam did a WONDERFUL job capturing these moments! They definitely help with the pain in this moment of waiting for our child.

Lastly, we'd like to mention that Marissa has the opportunity to go to Uganda in May of 2013!!!! There are two main purposes: 1) To love on the children, and to be a light of the Gospel of Christ. 2) To learn about Uganda and the culture! She is hopefully going to be taking a lot of pictures and videos and absorbing the culture and area, and try to get Josh up to speed when she gets back! She also will be spending most of her time at "New Hope Uganda" (click the link to learn more: Below is a short video to help you learn more about the place she will be going! She will be travelling with her cousin Marcy, friend named Mallari and Mallari's mom Noreen. We pray that this will be a time of growth, service and learning. God is good!

 God continues to give us many opportunities to share what He is doing through our adoption story. We've been able to talk with a number of people about adoption and also about our adoption into God's family through Jesus. So that's really cool! God's still not done with us yet, it looks like!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers! We greatly appreciate it! 

the Svalesons